Pediatric SSC Crown Manufacturer

VR.CROWN is a pediatric dental crown manufacturer that offers two kinds of pedicatric stainless steel crowns. They are intro kit with 48pcs and refills with 5pcs.

Intro kit has 48 sizes, for dentists to choose suitable size for different molar. The Refills has various sizes too for free options.

Pediatric stainless steel crown belongs to the dental crowns family. It is named after its material. The advantages of VR.CROWN pediatric stainless steel crowns include: optimized countour and shorter height, which helps reduce chair time greatly; laser-etching indelible and easy to read, which helps eliminate errors; broader occlusal table, which provides more functional mastication.

SSC Kids Crown Kit

SSC Kids Crown Primary Molar is available in two convenient kits.

  1. Intro Kit: 1 crown of each size (Total 48 crowns)
  2. Assorted Kit: 2 crowns of each size (Total 96 crowns)
Kids Crown-Product

SSC Kids Crown Refill

SSC Kids Crown Primary Molar is available in various size refills.

  1. Refills: 5 crowns of the same size
  2. You can choose different sizes 


All you need to know about Pediatric SSC Crown

Stainless steel crowns are the most common type of crown used in pediatric dentistry. They are what many people call “silver” crowns.

Pediatric stainless steel crowns (SSCs) are a vital aspect of pediatric dentistry, serving as an effective and durable solution for treating severely decayed or damaged primary (baby) teeth in children. These pre-formed crowns are made from stainless steel, a biocompatible material that ensures excellent longevity and safety for young patients.

pediatric SSC Crown Parts

  • STEEL GRADE: 316L Grade

  • NUMBERING: Laser etched

  • SAVINGS: 40-65%

  • CRIMPED: Lingual Cervical Margin

  • PREFORMED: Life-like height


  • ADHESIVE: Multiple

  • CATEGORIES: Posterior crowns

How to Restore Primary Molar with SSC Crown?

Restoring primary molars with stainless steel crowns is a relatively quick and straightforward procedure that provides durable protection and preserves the tooth’s structure, promoting proper dental development in children. Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene practices are essential for the long-term success of the SSC.

Considerations When Buying Pediatric SSC Crowns

For pediatric dental crown wholesalers and retailers, making informed choices when buying stainless steel crowns (SSC) is paramount. Here are six essential factors to guide your decision:

1. Durability and Quality: Prioritize SSC with robust construction, guaranteeing longevity and resilience to withstand children’s oral demands.

2. Budget-friendly Choices: Strike the right balance between quality and cost, providing affordable SSC that meet dentists’ and parents’ expectations.

3. Size Range: Opt for offering a diverse spectrum of sizes, accommodating various age groups and dental requirements. So you can meet various demands.

4. Material Safety First: Ensure SSC materials are biocompatible and free from potential hazards, upholding children’s well-being.

5. Application Simplicity: Choose SSC featuring user-friendly application techniques, streamlining procedures for efficient dental practices.

6. Shipping and Delivery: Ensure timely and efficient delivery of the pediatric stainless steel crowns to destination is quite important to fulfill the order.

Stainless Steel Crown VS Zirconia Crown

Stainless Steel Crown


  1. Durability: Stainless steel crowns are exceptionally durable, making them suitable for molars and cases where strength is crucial.
  2. Cost-Effective: They are cost-efficient, making them a practical choice for temporary restorations, especially in pediatric dentistry.
  3. Quick Placement: Stainless steel crowns can be placed with relative ease, reducing chair time during procedures.
  4. Temporary Solution: Ideal for interim use, these crowns provide short-term functionality until a more permanent solution can be applied.


  1. Aesthetics: Their metallic appearance can be less visually appealing, especially for visible front teeth.
  2. Allergy Concerns: Some patients might have metal allergies or sensitivities, which could lead to complications.
  3. Limited Aesthetics: Stainless steel crowns lack the natural tooth-like aesthetics desired for certain restorations.

Zirconia Crown


  1. Aesthetics: Zirconia crowns closely resemble natural teeth, offering excellent cosmetic results, making them ideal for visible areas.
  2. Biocompatibility: They are biocompatible, suitable for patients with metal allergies or sensitivities.
  3. Strength and Longevity: Zirconia crowns are exceptionally strong, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear over time.
  4. Versatility: They can be used for both anterior and posterior teeth, catering to various restorative needs.


  1. Cost: Zirconia crowns tend to be more expensive due to their advanced materials and aesthetics.
  2. Complex Placement: They might require more precise preparation and placement techniques, potentially increasing chair time.
  3. Brittleness: Despite their strength, zirconia crowns can be susceptible to fracture under extreme forces.

Estimated Wholesale Price

All the money paid to VR.CROWN for the purchase of dental crowns is secure. Below is an outline of costs you will incur:

OEM Fee (Option)
If label your own brand, pay a small fee for any designs you want for your dental crowns package at wholesale price.

Shipping Fee
Money that you will pay for the transportation of your bulk products from the factory to your doorstep. VR.CROWN offers you the convenience of any kind.

Miscellaneous Fee
Fees relating to taxes, service fees, and custom clearance. They are usually low-cost amounts.

Sample Product Fee
Pay a minimal amount in case you need a sample dental crown before bulk order. With several samples, you’ll pay a bit more.

30% T/T Fee
You can decide to either pay the full amount or pay 30% of the full payment for the wholesale.

70% Final Fee
Complete your payment within a certain period and receive the products you ordered for.

Estimated Manufacturing and Shipping Time

We work fast. With the increasing number of customers approaching us, we have no other option but to prioritize speed. Let’s look at the whole process of manufacturing and shipping:

Manufacturing and Quality Inspection Time
Generally, we have some dental crowns in stock, while we need to do second quality inspection before delivery. The customized package will need time to prepare too.

Packing All Products Time

The staff packs the products in cartons. They take a short time because it is an easy task.

Custom Clearance and Loading Time
The VR.CROWN staff loads the products onto trucks or vans, and drivers transport them to various dispatch points. Then, shipping company staff do the custom clearance.

Sea and Land Transportation Time
Once the products arrive at their destination, you will receive an alert. You can plan how to collect your shipped goods.

Let VR.CROWN boost your business today!

VR.CROWN have been in the business of manufacturing preformed dental crowns in China for 18+ years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high quality preformed dental crowns.


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