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Welcome to VR.CROWN, your trusted source for high-quality dental crown manufacturing. Specializing in stainless steel crowns, Titanium crowns, and strip crowns, we cater to dental crown wholesalers and distributors seeking excellence. Our commitment extends beyond crafting superior crowns – we proudly present a range of essential complementary products. From 3M bonding solutions to cutting-edge composites, our carefully curated offerings empower you to provide a complete and unmatched dental experience to your clients.

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3M ESPE RelyX Luting 2 Cement

RelyX Luting 2 cement is a self-curing, radiopaque, fluoride-releasing, resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement.

The cement consists of a base and catalyst paste packaged in the Clicker™ Dispensing System.

The paste/paste formulation offers greater convenience over the traditional powder/liquid cement systems.

The cement is available in a white shade.

Luting 2 With SSC crowns

Indications For Use Luting 2
• Cementation of porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns and bridges
• Cementation of metal crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays (including prefabricated provsional
metal crowns)
• Cementation of all-alumina or all-zirconia strengthened restorations (i.e. Lava™ All-Ceramic
System or Procera® AllCeram restorations)
• Cementation of prefabricated or cast posts
• Cementation of orthodontic appliances


Complementary Products With Strip Crowns

3M™ Single Bond Universal Adhesive

3M™ Single Bond Universal Adhesive is a unique dental adhesive built on a trusted 3M bonding legacy. It is the single-bottle solution for all surfaces and can be used reliably in total-etch, self-etch or selective-etch mode for both direct and indirect restorations. It provides the flexibility for the clinician to choose one adhesive to use independent of their preference of technique. It bonds methacry late based restoratives, cement and sealant materials to dentin, enamel, glass ionomer and various indirect restorative substrates (metals, glass ceramics, alumina and zirconia) without an extra primer step.

The primary use is with light cured materials—however, when used in conjunction with a separate activation solution, like 3M™ Single Bond Universal DCA Dual Cure Activator, it has the capability to also bond to self- or dual-cure composite and cement materials that rely on self-cure polymerization.
Single Bond Universal adhesive provides a strong bond to seal the dentin if used in the self-etch or total-etch mode and protects the dentin from open tubules and potential sensitivity, or as a method for reducing sensitivity for patients who are already symptomatic.

Indications* | 3M™ Single Bond Universal Adhesive

• Bonding light-cured composite or compomer for all
classes of direct restorations
• Bonding of dual-cure cements and core build-up materials
• Bonding of self-cure composites
• Root surface desensitization
• Sealing of dentin prior to amalgam restorations
• Protective varnish for glass ionomer restorative materials
• Repair of composite or compomer restorations
• Bonding sealants
• Bonding veneers in combination with 3M™ RelyX™ Veneer Cement

Z350XT Universal Restorative

Filtek ™ Z350 XT is a dental restorative composite designed for use in anterior and posterior restorations.The kit of restoratives are available in Dentin, Body, Enamel and Translucent shades packaged in syringes and single-dose capsules. All shades are radiopaque. A dental adhesive, part of the kit, is used to permanently bond the restoration to the tooth structure.

Z350XT Used in Pediatric Strip Crowns

Filtek ™ Z350 XT Universal and Flowable Restorative is brought out by 3M ESPE using the nanotechnology with the following unique properties:

  • Bonded nanofillers are the reason Filtek ™ Z350 XT restorative dental kit has bonded nanofillers help retain its brilliant polish.
  • Filtek ™ Z350 XT restorative is proved to be superior by its polish retention because of the patented process used in building the nanocomposite, compared to other composites and microfills.
  • In-vitro lab data has shown that the wear resistance of Filtek ™ Z350 XT restorative is equivalent to Filtek ™ XT restorative providing the confidence to use it anywhere in the mouth.
  • ‘True’ nanotechnology used in making Filtek ™ Z350 XT nanofill flowable dental restorative personalized kit provides wear resistance similar to enamel.
  • A 5 year clinical study has revealed that statistically there is no significant difference between Filtek ™ Z350 XT Universal Restorative and natural enamel.
  • The restoration to maintain a smoother surface, meaning the initial impressive gloss will last for years due to the creation of unique clusters of nanometer-sized particles. It is because the nanoclusters shear at a rate similar to the wear of the surrounding resin matrix during abrasion.

Other Complementary Products

When the dentists use dental crowns, there are also some complementary products used together. For the convenience of wholesalers and distributors, we would like to elevate your procurement process with these essential additions, tailored to meet your needs. All the products are original brands with competitive price, which we have sold 10+ years on the market.

3M Filtek P60 Posterior Restorative System Refill

“Specifically designed for posterior restorations”

Filtek P60 posterior restorative is an esthetic light-cured, radiopaque composite specifically designed for use in posterior direct or indirect restorations. Bonding to the tooth structure is accomplished by using a dental adhesive system.

3M Filtek P60 Posterior Restorative is indicated for use in the following types
of restorations.
• Direct posterior restorations
• Core buildup
• Splinting
• Indirect posterior restorations including inlays and onlays.

3M ESPE Clinpro™ Sealant

3M™ Clinpro™ Sealant is a light-cure, fluoride releasing pit and fissure sealant with a unique color-change feature. Clinpro Sealant is designed for sealing the enamel pits and fissures of teeth to aid in the prevention of caries.

Clinpro Sealant is packaged in two forms: in 1.2 ml syringes with 27 gauge blunt needle tips for direct delivery
to the tooth, and in 6 ml plastic bottles with a drop dispenser tip.

Dentsply AH Plus Sealer

Dentsply AH Plus Root Canal Sealing Material is a two-component paste/paste root
canal sealer based on epoxy-amine resin. The AH Plus sealer shows extremely low shrinkage making it a suitable choice of material to seal the root canal.

This root canal sealer can be used with hot or cold technique. AH Plus Dentsply endodontic sealer achieves a tight seal due to its self-adhesive properties and dimensional stability. It is biocompatible and exhibits moderate anti-microbial properties and therefore has the potential to significantly reduce the germ load in the canal. AH Plus root canal sealer is extremely radio-opaque so it is clearly visible on radiographs. AH Plus is a good sealer choice for use with ProTaper Thermafil obturators as the setting reaction is not adversely affected by thermoplastic obturation.

IvoclarVivadent IPS® Ceramic Etching Gel

The IPS Ceramic Etching Gel is used for the creation of retentive bonding surfaces for the composite cementation technique.

It enhances the bonding effect between the composite cement and the ceramic bonding surface.

Morita VITAPEX Dental Root Canal Filling Material

Vitapex is a premixed calcium hydroxide paste containing iodoform.

Vitapex can be used as a temporary or permanent root canal filling material after pulpectomy.

It is also ideal for the treatment of infected root canals and for vital pulpotomies in deciduous teeth.

This paste is packaged in a convenient syringe to eliminate messy mixing.

Ultradent Ultrapak Retraction Cord

The Ultrapak Retraction Cord is a high-quality dental product designed to provide effective gingival retraction during dental procedures.

It is made from plain knitted cotton cord and comes in a convenient 8ft (244 cm) length per bottle.

The Ultrapak Retraction Cord is manufactured by Ultrapak, a trusted brand known for its reliable dental products.

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